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Members of Selsun Blue  and the Rivet Gang join forces to resurrect Pawn Drive. Rooted in the world of Folk and Americana with a dusting of grit und drang.

Pawn Drive was a great original downer-country ensemble that at times featured about a dozen musicians. I saw them at the Fat Chance once and they looked like a hick version of Dr. Teeth and Electric Mayhem, by which I mean there were a lot of talented musicians on stage and they all looked seedy and not quite human. ”
— Weekly Alibi, May 26th, 2012

“Rising like a stoned phoenix out of its own ashes, resurrected foursome Pawn Drive features members of Rivet Gang and Selsun Blue. In this writer’s opinion, the new Pawn Drive outdoes its predecessors with dependably beautiful, off-kilter, slide-heavy noodling weirdness in the vein of early Fugs/Holy Modal Rounders recordings.”
–Weekly Alibi, July 2013

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